I'm a fan of DOS2, the original BG and D&D and though I agree with several points of this list, I strongly disagree with just as many. The list comes across as a bit of a DOS2 haters thread tbh.

I don't care one iota that the narrator had a small role in DOS2 - she is OUTSTANDING (as indeed the narrator of DOS2 also was). Some of the criticism seems contradictory; like wanting less useless loot (agree strongly - incentivizes anti-RP "loot goblinism") while wanting more detailed (useless) loot/books (disagree strongly - snooze fest!).

The list would be served with re-organizing and perhaps linking to separate threads where issues can be better explained/discussed though.

My top personal BG3 EA pet peeves:
1. HATE the overly convoluted loot/gear/environmental effect focus which distracts from the class focus.
2. HATE the lack of day/night cycle. For storyline/progression purposes it detracts from BG3 in a way it did not in DOS2. Enables random ambushes etc.
3. HATE the cumbersome party movement system. If one character jumps/hides the rest should follow automatically if able and chained/grouped. Stop needless milling about when changing active character. Make clicking on portrait to change active character more responsive.

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