Agree with so much of what's been said previously. Larian should play Pathfinder Kingmaker and borrow some ideas about fatigue, carrying capacity, day/night cycle etc.

Familiars. Why can't my Raven fly over water, fly up to any height? Why does my Raven provoke a battle when getting too close? It's just a bird flying past.
Sent an imp into the goblin camp. The invisible imp smashed a rum bottle for a laugh and then went invisible again. The whole camp went hostile. God that was so boring waiting for them all to say 'going stomp you...' over and over. Is there any way to break off combat? Why can't the Imp or Quasit do anything, e.g. steal, pick things up, drop stuff, put poison in the wine?

If a character is sneaking/invisible they shouldn't trigger a cut scene.

Put crate in lit furnace. Didn't catch fire.

Disguise self spell. Why can't I disguise myself as a goblin, boss goblin, etc.

When I'm in the goblin camp and I'm not an enemy, why can't I drink the booze?

The camera is really annoying when there's a battle. Always zooming around inside of buildings etc. It's nauseating.

Music. Get rid of all DOS:2-like music. I hate that whistle/flute thing going on.