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Not sure what other alternatives there is ... do you have anything in mind?

I've been looking over the way Larian programmed the party scenes and it seems very diffcult to create an alternative without reworking the existing code.

Companions are assigned "available for romance / sex" flags if their opinion of you is high enough and you are flagged as being at the Tiefling party. I think this might even mean that you can't have romance scenes at the goblin party, but that might not be true.

Another problem is that everything revolves around these party scenes. They are your reward in the good and bad ending and it is (I think) how Larian measures those statistics. There are a lot of ways to add to the evil path, OneManArmy laid out a few in his separate thread. I could come up with some idead myself if you want, but I think what others have said covers it nicely.

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Btw do goblin "party decorations" stay in your camp forever (I've never had the stomach to continue on from there)?

God I hope not.