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i think i found a bug yesterday that was verry annoying for me
I have a Dwarf level 4 and i have added the Mastery Great Weapon (Schwere Waffen in German). My Hero uses a great Axe. After i added the Mastery Great Wepons the probability of hittin my opponent has gone down massvie.

The Mastery should help to hit bedder with Great Weapons !!! so this is a Bug i think.

Kind Regards Duncan

This is actually not a bug (if I understand correctly) the GWM grants you an increase to damage at the cost of hitchance (+10 damage, -5 Attack).
Imagine making an especially heavy blow. But while swinging you also telegraph your attack making it easier to evade. You can toggle the "heavy attacks" on the far right of your hotbar, where your reactions are listed as well.

(Also I think the 2d6 from a Great-Hammer average greater damage then the 1d12 from the axe, so I for one stuck with the Hammer. Just my opinion)