Another fun part of Larian roleplaying experience:

Stumble into the warehouse (which leads to the mercenaries).
Struggle with camera being off-position.
Dialogue pops up, don't even see who's talking to me.
DC 19 skill check pops up.
Miss check.
My group explodes, as the guy obviously has many explosives set in the room, rendering the whole group dead.
Me: WTF did just happen?
Reload 10 mins old save.

Second try, get camera in position first, move only so far in the room I can actually see the guy.
Just shoot him dead for no justifiable reason aside of knowing what's going to happen if I don't.
Go in the mercenary camp just to find out I already messed up their quest and they attack me without letting me explain how I couldn't even know that I did something wrong.

That's big storytelling!

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