I’ve not played dos games so I sit slightly outside the topic, but I played D&D for many years back in the day & this game is certainly hitting the mark for me in that space.
I can throughly understand why players of dos who are lovers of d&d or not would want a different feel to the game.
However if dos2 is highly regarded as one of the best ever rpgs and larian has created a new dos engine for this game wouldn’t it be obvious that they would take things that gave them success previously and add some of that to this bg3 game.
The team clearly enjoys d&d and is working hard to create something very special here - but it is a pretty tricky beast to please both hard core d&d fans and at the same time leave out much of larian influences from what they know is a winning formula.
I think with time & feedback it will land somewhere in between & that’s fine with me - maybe not so for purists - but is it really reasonable to expect any different?