I still stand by my opinion that day/night cycle is of paramount importance when it comes to immersion... having some dynamic weather system would be welcome as well.

Now here's a little story: on my first BG3 playthrough, I played a cleric, and I made it a point to rest only when necessary, like some of you pointed - the game is yapping about our imminent ceremorphosis, about wasting time and what not, so, including the tiefling party I rested 4 times, from the beginning aboard the nautiloid (you can't rest there obviously) up until the boat ride in the Underdark. On my 2nd playthrough, knowing that resting a lot doesn't seem to have any impact whatsoever, I rested a crapload, uncovered all these little cutscenes and dialogues with the party members I have not encountered before - because lo and behold - they are tied to long resting after certain in game events and quests completed, long resting a lot as well.

Do I need to explain any of you the ... and I hate using this word btw - the retardation of our current system? I am not asking for Fallout 1's solution either (anyone remember the 30/60 day limit to finish FO1? now that is panic attack inducing), just give us day/night cycle, tie certain events (Astarion + Lae talking about stars for example) to the night, rework the way the camp works too. Make it adjust to our environment - you wanna rest in a dungeon? Fine, change it's surroundings to that of an inside of a broken down castle or something, wanna rest in the Underdark? Fine, but make it extra dark and give us no sky. Make it so we could be ambushed while camping. The thing is - your current suggestions to disallow camp inside of dungeons and what not is not the greatest solution, since you can just port to a waypoint outside, rest and go back and backtrack, sure, it's annoying, but just as immersion breaking.

As of now, BG3 seems to take too much out of Bioware's Mass Effect and Dragon Age pages, where depending of where you were, you were stuck in time, there was no day/night cycle in all 3 MEs and DAO, DA2 had different day/night versions of the same map that you could choose yourself, and I barely remember what DAI had, my brain is repressing the memories. wink Now let's talk about other D&D titles, which BG3 is supposed to have a lot in common with. BG1/2 - day/night, ambushes while resting, rudimentary weather (those random lightning strikes were hella annoying btw). IWD 1/2 - same as BG1/2. NWN - same, NWN2 - same + Mask of the Betrayer introduced this really cool resting mechanic - with the spirit eater curse slowly eating you up from the inside, that you had to choose your rests, otherwise - if you rested to much and the spirit eater's spirit hunger reached 0 = game over baby. I am pretty sure that the Temple of Elemental Evil also had day/night cycle, Planescape Torment, on the other hand, had none. But that could've been explained by the Nameless One being in hells, passage of time being ... different there. So, unless, our little trip to Avernus in BG3, fucked the fabric of space and time entirely, then Larian has no excuse as to why we have no day/night cycle. They could even make it like it was in NWN2 (base game) cosmetic only. It obviously would be quite amazing if we got to see the townsfolk move about their lives depending on the time of day, but that I'm betting, would be too hopeful.