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One system makes you hide behind a frontline and play very 18th century military tactics "hold the line! Stand in a square!". The other system makes you chase the high ground that way Anakin will never be able to beat you.

And that is why if someone doesn't like 5e system - can go play DOS2 and not play BG3. If someone like 5e and not DOS2 - can play BG3. If someone like both- they can play both.

There is no reason to mix it. Back in the end they were people who loved BG2 and didn't like Morrowind. Doesn't mean that next DnD game should have blended Morrowind with DnD 3.5.

Every system has it's fans. There is no universal good system.

When your try to make a product that will appeal to everyone - you make product that won't be remembered by anyone.

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