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When you think about it, it's kinda embarrassing that Larian can't do day/night cycle and has no clue of how make resting feel contextually appropriate and relevant (while also limiting it to some extent) and Pathfinder Kingmaker nailed every single one of these aspects (including very amusing party banters during rest/camping!) with a budget that in comparison could be described as "Pennies and crumbles".

Yes, exactly, I don't understand how Larian seems to be unable to do that, given their budget. Like how many copies of BG3 has Larian sold in a month now? I remember it was ~1milion not even a week in. Now couple of weeks further, I think they've definitely outsold DOS2, and BG3 is not even out yet.

Also, I've never played Pathfinder Kingmaker, it's been sitting on my wishlist on steam, been planning to get it one day on a sale or something, so far everyone seems to be praising that game and I have to admit, I'm hella curious myself.

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Yes, that's the reason I only have like 20 hours on Fallout... And my above comments on time limits were written with Fallout in mind. I fear MotB, it's on my list, but I don't think I'm going to like the time mechanics.

I will admit, I played FO1 couple of times, first time when I was like... 7yr old? I know, it's not a game for children and stuff, I'm surprised my mother even let me play it, after I questioned her about meaning of certain words I didn't understand (different words that basically meant 'prostitute', 'intercourse' etc.), any sane parent would be in panic, I remember she told me something along the lines of: 'at lest your vocabulary is expanding'. laugh

And speaking of MotB, don't be scared, if you keep the spirit eater fed (via consuming spirits, duh), nothing bad will happen, and there are plenty of spirits scattered around, what I used to do was, once I reached like 40% I ate a spirit, got 100% and then rested, which, if I remember correctly, would put you at 90 or 80%, so it's pretty easy to manage. There was only one area that I can think of that was a bit troublesome, cause there was nothing for the spirit eater to consume, but aside from that, it's very easy and manageable. Don't worry and I really recommend that game! Also, that example of game over was from resting a couple of times in a row, I was curious what was going to happen once you reach 0 and was pleasantly surprised it was indeed game over. wink

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This is what concerns me about BG3. It seems like D:OS/DA hybrid, not even D:OS/BG hybrid.

Exactly, which is why I wrote that long ass post of mine. wink I don't want another DOS/DA hybrid clone. Truth be told, I never finished DOS2, got to act 3, got bored (might finish it one day), cause there were too many fights and too little story (y'know, the big setpiece fights Larian does so well). And I play RPGs for the story, not for the combat, sure, fun combat is a +. but it shouldn't be all the entire game is centered around.

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Would you happen to be another victim of DA:I disappointment? wink

Yes, I legit could be replaying DAO forever, storywise it was THAT good, but DAI? 1 time is enough. DAI.... it plays more like an MMO than an RPG, pretty, but inconsequential. Also, I hate how they retconned the qun, qunari, elves, elven gods, humans, dwarves etc and thought nobody would notice...

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NPC schedules (basic, day/night, it's no TES with NPC taking weekly trips) would be indeed amazing. The world would feel like less of a setpiece.

Yes, indeed, I hate how static everything is right now. Hell, in BG1/2, depending on the time of day, certain shop keepers would turn in for the night only to reappear come dawn. Something like that would be amazing in BG3... but like I said, I might be too hopeful.

PS: I love your nickname 'Uncle Lester'. Ah, the little zombie encounter in Athkatla's graveyard. laugh