Maybe it is just me, but why are the only 2 females in the group, come across rude, mean, direct, Cold.

Am I the leader or influencer? Because in early access, it's the two female NPC's. Give me some dominant dialogue choices as the player character, allow me to be a leader in dialogue, without being cruel or evil.

I don't understand why the two female characters have such a similar persona, and the male characters are all different.

I know there is a huge investment into the dialogue and voice overs already, and that there is most likely no chance of this changing course, so maybe include another female character with a persona like Gale's or Astarion or a hybrid.

I am taking some knowledge of the DISC personality testing , a quick take, here are my results:

Astarion: ID
Gale: IS

It seems like every AAA game does this, and it is getting overplayed.
Where do you find these personalities that are so off putting? I have never met a single female who is in leadership, and behaves this way, please stop painting women in such a bad light.
In your effort for equal representation, you are overplaying and misrepresenting women in leadership roles, or who have dominant personas.

Can maybe make an excuse for Lae'Zel based on race, but then are we painting all Gith as heartless demanding warriors ?

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