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Typically. male bodies are just not as artistically beautiful - powerful and attractive in different ways, but not really in a natural physical form sense.

That, is simply not true, It's completely up to the eye of the beholder and also affected by the conditioning of what people now a days see as stereotypical masculine and feminine. A fashion designer would have no problem making a long sleeved, low cut, high slit dress that perfectly conforms to a male model's psychical features. But the majority would still question, "why is he wearing a gown? That is for women only."

Another note is about berserkers. Berserk comes from nordic languages like swedish and literally means "bear shirt". It's a misconception that berserkers fought barebreasted or without armor. They didn't. They wore armor like all the other soldiers but just before combat and sometimes even during it, they also dressed themselves in bear pelts as symbols of the strength of the animal. And in close combat they roared and showed their grins to scare their combatant as well as fighting ferociously without minding about non deadly injuries, fighting until either the enemy or they themselves lied dead.

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