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Typically. male bodies are just not as artistically beautiful - powerful and attractive in different ways, but not really in a natural physical form sense.

That, is simply not true, It's completely up to the eye of the beholder and also affected by the conditioning of what people now a days see as stereotypical masculine and feminine.

I'd hope it's safe enough to suggest curves are naturally more beautiful than straight lines - at least to humans - they are more interesting. That doesn't mean we cant be very attracted to straight lines for whatever legitimate reason. The issue here is being able to define "beauty". I think it's somewhat possible, though you and others may think there is no objective standard. I think that's fairly preposterous, but no matter.

Take berserkers off the list, fine, but leave mages who may feel open and unique enough to not mind wearing revealing clothing! Armor class 0, sure - except for enchantments! And very unique rogue badasses may choose to wear little also.

And sure, give men revealing options too then.