I apologize if any duplication of existing public wishes interferes with the final summarize, I hope this is not the case. I walkthroughed early access a couple of times soon after the early access release, and the list of comments was compiled at that time, and now there are so many things that, unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to check everything, but I would like to contribute to the progress of development.
Here's what I identified for myself in the process of walkthrough (the order of the points is not responsible for their importance):
I. What about appearance:
* I would like not only more different appearance of the armor (for example, by the type of alignment good-evil and law-chaos), but also the ability to customize the type of armor without sacrificing stats. For example, the appearance of all found armor is preserved and can be applied to any other armor. The same goes for colors. For the sake of realism, this could be done only by the type of armor, for example: heavy armor can only be replaced by a heavy one. The same can be done with weapons.
* In addition to the previous note - options for hiding helmet, shield, cloak, etc.
* I would like to have a choice of how exactly the weapon will be worn: back, belt, and for something, such as staves, use as a walking stick. Shield - hand/back. Or, if it turns out to be too difficult, then make a more logical position - two-handed on the back, one-handed on the belt.
* In addition to increasing the different options for customizing the face, I would also like to be able to customize the body - physique, height, hairline, tattoos, scars, variations for non-human races (tieflings, githyanki). It will also be especially true for dragonborns, which are very different in terms of both physique and scales.
* Make the jump less "obvious". In humanoid creatures, many jumping situations look simply caricatured and spoil the seriousness and realism of what is happening.
* It is worth introducing options for facial expressions (although it is clear how difficult this process is), because the one that the main character use now is suitable only for a clearly not evil and not particularly brave character. Any monk, paladin or barbarian (at least in their stereotypical form) will look ridiculous with such facial expressions.
II. Gameplay:
* Speaking character problem - the option of both choosing a character during dialogue and using his abilities through lines of dialogue are both good. An example of the second option - in Pathfinder Kingmaker, dialogue checks often use the best values ​​in the party, and in book episodes, you can choose who will take the action.
* Give it possible to perform "blue" actions as the not bonus action, if there is no bonus action, but at the same time without the ability to perform them 2 times per turn. That is, they should be able to be performed once per turn by any of the actions (action or bonus action).
* Disconnect the disengage action with the jump (the jump action does not always work correctly, and in general it is ridiculous to always jump to disengage), and make them actions intead of bonus actions (and return the rogue bonus action for them). It is especially unclear why the enemies can simply activate the disengage, but the PС cannot.
* Food and drink as a way to restore hits - very nice! But I would prefer that the characters only had this opportunity outside of combat.
* When a character has 2 weapons in his hands, the attack is made with both. Is this a double hit or just animation? It is better to add a button to hit with one or two in the reaction panel - thereby spending only the action of action + bonus action.
* Take at least 2-3 short rests or add circumstances for them. For example, completing 2 fights unlocks an additional short rest.
* Something to do with "Not enough space". Sometimes it really interferes with jumping and movement, although apparently there is no interference.
* After the end of the fight PC unconscious must automatically make death saving throws, or automatically stand up. Another option is that the turn-based mode should not be turned off at the end of the battle, until the player turns it off or raises all PCs.
* Make enemies less aggressive towards unconscious PCs - it is very annoying when enemies deliberately try to kill your characters endlessly. Better to make the ressurect scrolls more rare, and don't let the characters die as often.
* In addition to the previous note - I would prefer to remove the ressurect scrolls altogether, leaving it possible to ressurect the PC in the camp with the help of an camp assistant. Or make scrolls as rare as possible.
* Switching weapons will use the bonus action.
* Let reading books will not give negative reaction from the NPC.
* If possible, it would be great to add the ability to include a field of squares / hexes for a better understanding of distances.
III. Possible system problems:
* With a large number of variables, some enemies think over their turn for a very long time, and sometimes they can just miss it after a long thought.
* Surprised should be triggered on the entire party if it is near the one who inflicts a sneak strike.
* At the moment, the received feats are not shown on the character sheet, the same applies to some class abilities (such as the warlock's invocations).
IV. Interface
* Sorting inventory. The DOS2 variant would be a great solution.
* The maximum possible description of everything - from the abilities in the character creation window to the action of all items and their abilities. Spells, character abilities - all this requires the most detailed description of the principle of action without double interpretation. Based on this, the character sheet should be as detailed as possible.
* Character progress must be detailed both in the character creation window and in the level up window. A good example is Pathfinder Kingmaker.
* It may be worth making a couple more interface options for players to try. I will not say that the existing one is good enough. As a basis - interesting, but no more.
V. Progress of events
* I'll write on the example of the story with Astarion. In two walkthroughs, only in the second (evil) walkthrough I faced the scene of Astarion's attempt to drink the blood from my character. And that was the only scene that clear explained who Astarion was. Nevertheless, both walkthroughs I encountered with companions' conversations (which occur while moving around the map) with Astarion about who he is and the peculiarities of his existence. This drives you into a stupor and spoils the harmony of the narrative. Things like this should have triggers. If I have't know that Astarion is a vampire, then there should not mention anything about it until I know about it from him. Either make the identify of companions easier, at least the basic lowdown, or make the trigger system stricter.
Vi. Difference from DnD5
* The use of two spells per turn (action and bonus action) - great! Don't listen to conservatives.
* Abilities for weapons are also great. But make them automatically recover after combat so that you can use them once per battle. Or make use of the number of characteristic modificator (Strength or Dexterity) + level value (1 or 1/2).
* You do well with rule additions, but please do not reshape races and classes in their distinctive little things. As an example - don't take 2 additional skills from half-elves, and from a rogue his expertise. And do something with the Warlock Great Old One's telepathy trait, it's very important.
In general, I would like to say thank you so much for your work! You've already done the unthinkable, and I'm sure you can do it even better with the help of the community!