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Taking away the fact that more are to come, it’s quite interesting to me to be given characters whom I wouldn’t normally party up with.

As for in real life, met plenty of people and women who are similar to both Shadowheart in Lazael, but one tends to gravitate towards personalities one likes, so in the OP’s case as usually in mine, one tends to not meet too many people with such “defined” personalities as these two women because that’s not our type, doesn’t mean they aren’t out there or interesting to other people.

Agreed. The only thing people get wrong is that if you are rude or an a**hole that makes you a strong person. Note how I'm not using genders as this is not gender specific. A lot of people project rudeness and dismissiveness out of their own insecurities, not their strengths. The strong rude people do so because it is truly their character (Lae'zel, Minthara), not as a defence mechanism (Shadowheart, Kagha).

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