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Typically. male bodies are just not as artistically beautiful - powerful and attractive in different ways, but not really in a natural physical form sense.

That, is simply not true, It's completely up to the eye of the beholder and also affected by the conditioning of what people now a days see as stereotypical masculine and feminine.

I'd hope it's safe enough to suggest curves are naturally more beautiful than straight lines - at least to humans - they are more interesting. That doesn't mean we cant be very attracted to straight lines for whatever legitimate reason. The issue here is being able to define "beauty". I think it's somewhat possible, though you and others may think there is no objective standard. I think that's fairly preposterous, but no matter.

Take berserkers off the list, fine, but leave mages who may feel open and unique enough to not mind wearing revealing clothing! Armor class 0, sure - except for enchantments! And very unique rogue badasses may choose to wear little also.

And sure, give men revealing options too then.

It's naturally more beautiful to you. That's because "defining beauty" is completely subjective. You can find a norm that is hold by the majority for sure. But it's still subjective. Should I take your response as women without curves ain't beautiful? Well maybe not to you, but to others they are.

As to whether which classes should be allowed to wear revealing clothing I would say, all of them. Anything else is just unfair. But the repercussions of that choice becomes limited for some classes that don't need armor protection, like sorcs and wizards and to some degree, stealthy characters that would never freely choose to engage an enemy in open combat. If you wanna fight a monster in only your underwear. Go ahead, who am I to stop you. But don't expect to survive the encounter.
I don't mind if someone wants to run around in a plate-tini(even though I do question the level of maturity of that person) but I do mind if that item suddenly is offered me in a medieval fantasy game. Like, where did this come from. Who created it and why? What purpose does it fulfill in this world?

So you are right about clothing which leads us to the next point.

As it has been pointed out several times, the objection I have isn't only about perceived realism in a fantasy game(even though it certainly carries a weight to follow the setting, otherwise we can start incorporating machine guns as well, because why not) but even more so about the constant objectification of(especially females) bodies in media. It needs to stop. Women play video games too. Gamergate was a real thing and it showed the gaming industry that women are fed up with out dated misogynistic perceiving of the female role and function in games. And I, even though I'm a man, agree with them.

So. I certainly also want to see more variation in clothing/armor. Different colors, materials, models, cultural influences etc. But I have no need of them to be revealing to be considered sexy. Who says the robes we have now ain't sexy enough?

Hate to break it to you but gamergate wasent about woman beeing fed up with anything and defenitly not misogyny. It was about gamers beeing fed up with the incestious relationship between game developers and game 'journalists' and that people were fed up with their favourite medium beeing hijacked by these people. They made gaming journalism a joke and sadly most of it still is just that...

The idea that gamers as a whole dont appreciate woman if they arent rubbing around in bikinis is laughably false. If that were the case icons like Samus or princess zelda wouldnt be popular at all, but the opposite is true.

To bring it back on topic, im sure baldurs gate will have a *cough* more adult part of time where scantly clad people (both male and female) are bound to be found. For a set of armor to be scatnly clad though it either needs to be heavily enchanted or done as a joke because in terms of protection its not very practical