I don't think Kagha needs to be changed. In D&D terms she's someone who's on the brink of a shift of allignment but she's not completely evil yet. You can convince her not to murder the child and later on you can also redeem her if you do things right. In fact I did so twice in the course of 2 different playthroughs.

As it is Kagha is an excellent NPC to have: you can fight her, stop her plans from coming to fruition (free Halsin or steal the idol of Silvanus) or make her see the error of her ways and redeem her before she does anything irredemable. And before hating on her too much keep in mind this game gives you the chance to slaughter all of the refugees, children included, and all of the druids, while alligning yourself with a bloodthirsty band of murderous drows and goblins, an outcome that actually makes Kagha's imminent allignment shift a tad more understandable I believe.

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