Rogue focued feedback(yea ill just post it here as well)
Some things that I found strange about the rogue implementation(and some suggested fixes)
1) Sneak attack is a SEPARATE button somehow. This feels very strange as suddenly I can't sneak attack of opportunity, it doesn't trigger when using a bonus action attack. It just feels like it doesn't work(especially on ranged attacks)
2) At level 3 sneak attack still deals only a d6. Just...just why its not like rogue actually deals a lot of damage why would you nerf it even further?
3) No expertise
4) nerf to cunning action by giving everyone access to disengage as a bonus action.

Rogue has no place as a character and is every way is just a worse fighter. I hope you will reconsider some of these decisions.
1) Make sneak attack apply automatically to other attacks and work like a passive(should be in the same hotbar as attack of opportunity because it only applying to 1/3rd of what it should really makes no sense)
2) At level 3 just add back in the extra d6 sneak attack and rogue go hand in hand and nerfing sneak attack is very lackluster and makes hitting with the one attack even less meaningful
3) I can understand not having expertise in the game or at least not at level 1 but not giving the rogue expertise means that outside of combat he is just a urchin background. I hope we can see a implementation of expertise as it is important for rogue to not lose the skill monkey aspect of it.
4) buff rogue kit a little by for example: giving when you use bonus action dash also disadvantage on attacks of opportunity against them.

Rogue bugs:
Sneak attack doesn't always trigger from ranged attacks even when you have advantage(and with doesn't always trigger I mean doesn't trigger)
You can go into turn based mode click stealth. And pickpocket now it doesn't matter how far away you are at the end of your movement you can pickpocket resulting in stealing stuff from npc's miles away.

General bugs:
Somehow even on small enemies I can be in a situation where I can't hit with my melee attack but my range attack is still at disadvantage.
Walking around a enemy to flank better often results in attacks of opportunity even tho there is no tighter line to take.
When clicking to attack a enemy a bit away and you move to attack that target but before then you get hit by a attack of opportunity you retain the movement but the action is lost.

Is there a more accessible way to give feedback to the devs then this? Something...less arcane? Something where I don't need to roll history in order to remember how this works

And I agree with @Klavier disengage should be a action