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That is all well and fine in theory but what every one fails to keep in mind or they just have selective memory but Swen from Larian has said that BG3 will be turn based only there will be no RTwP.

I think that both this comment and the response that virion provided below it ("Well yeah and they try to convince Larian to implement it. Nothing wrong about it.") are important points that everyone involved in this discussion should keep in mind.

People can keep trying to fight for RTwP forever, and it's completely cool. But don't forget that Larian were very clear about their intentions. I see too many people coming to these forums feeling cheated and I think it's not fair, because if there is one thing that Larian was clear about is this.

I'm not posting on this thread because I feel cheated. I'm posting because I believe they were wrong in their choice, and I hope to be able to persuade them to provide an alternative option for those who may want it.