i dont think i really disagree with the points you made in your post - altho tbh im not necessarily sure what you are driving at beyond adding your voice to what i would call a general sentiment in the forums that at this stage of the games development and considering the limited responses thus far from larian related to the forum's 'hot topics' that larian has a 'set in stone' vision for bg3 and significant changes to mechanics or rewrites of characters or narrative at this stage is probly unlikely (altho your post does come off a bit like trolling, but maybe that was also the goal lol wink ) - but i just wanted to highlight your quote below, bc i just think if this truly is the sentiment/stance that larian takes (even if its behind closed doors) its just a sad way to treat your community and fans, both old and new alike, so i hope its not the case. personally, i do think that there are some game mechanics and narrative points that should be addressed, but we'll likely have to wait until full launch to see how it all comes together
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They have very little reason to truly care.