1. You are on a ship
2. The ship is destroyed
3. You don't die from the calamity because some unknown power saved you: DOS2 quote "I have plans for you child"
4. You wake up on land
5. You walk around to meet and possibly join your companions
6. You are united with your companions by your ailment (Sorcerer vs tadpole)

I know this is early access, but I wanted to point this out.

1. You are on a ship and are infected
2. the ship escapes and returns to it's plain to retreat, because it is under attack from the Gith
3. As the ship docks you are held captive by the Mind flayers
4. The Gith follow the ship to finish the job
5. You meet Lae Zal here during the attack on the ship where it is docked (Dialogue options and choices, both of you still in your pods)
6. As you are still locked in the POD you are presented options by NPCs who interact with you:

Path 1> You agree to join the Mindflayers who open the pod, and eventually overwhelm the Gith into retreating. Maybe you meet the absolute, maybe you meet your competition.
Path 2> You join the Gith, Lae Zal or another Gith comes back and frees you from the pod. You join them in the assault, but are presented other options as it unfolds
Path 3> You stay neutral as the Events unfold, are eventually released by mind flayers, and have some unique options.

7. After time with the Gith or Mindflayers or another unique option, you are brought back to the mainland to do a main quest that isn't removing the tadpole, but that can be a over arching quest etc..

Thoughts ?