[Character Creation]:

- Let us choose our starting gear (within reason of course) and customize it's appearance, e.g. color or choice of appearances

- Let our background choice have more impact, such as defining additional starting gear or perhaps choosing a bond (as in the PHB).

- Don't apply the [baldurian] tag to every custom character, it doesn't even remotely make sense to have it when you took the outlander background for example. It would be a nice addition if we could actually choose between a few regions to call home.

[Classes & Rules]:

- Disengage, hide and shove need to be changed into actions, otherwise the rogue and monk classes lose part of what makes them special. Rogues should then get them correctly as bonus actions with their level 2 Cunning Actions feature and monks get disengage and dash as a bonus action for their Ki: Step of the Wind feature.

- Shove should also be an action and it needs to be more limited in how far you can shove a creature.

- Advantage/disadvantage should be harder to gain

- Rogues need their expertise feature, it's a big part of their class identity and not having it limits them in social interactions.

- I'd increase the number of short rests to at least 2, preferably 3 and allow for a long rest only after a certain number of short rests were taken. Allowing a long rest after every encounter feels just wrong.