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Anyone ever see the Brady Bunch movie, where every architectural design created by Mike Brady (the dad, who is an architect), be it a gas station, a fast food restaurant, or whatever, is the same exact design as his own home? Kind of reminds of Larian with the story telling. Point is OP, yeah I agree. I don't get hung up on it, though. From a creative standpoint, it sure does seem odd to squander an opportunity to do something fresh. But maybe, like musicians with their hit songs, they hate playing them show after show, but the crowd loves them.

For those who care to watch the scene:

Nice tangent.
Good vantage point on duplicating success.

The story in DOS2 though in my opinion was not as good as it should have been. And the being saved by a God or deity, when you could have just washed up on shore like everyone else, seems cheesy. So that is kind of why I brought this up. The story in DOS2 had a lot of cheese "your special, your the one, your the divine " Your sacrifice will close the void. I almost started a mod to change the whole campaign and story line. It just feels empty in comparison to the creative talent focused on the Origins. I did end up creating mods, but just not to that scale.

Again my opinion, and appreciate the other views and comments.