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Another thing that is a bit annoying is that every playthrough starts the same way and the paths dont really diverge until much further ahead, I am a bit sick of playing the nautiloid level again and again when the results dont vary, there isnt substantial loot or any decision making that changes your playthrough. You cant even keep the brain as a pet.
If we think about good dnd games or modules, some characters start or join in at different parts of the story, that could be according to the class you choose...

Maybe there is a resource contention, but as some point I thought there was a deliverable to Wizards of the Coast. Is this story the accepted one by Wizards or was it just a licensing purchase ?
I was hoping Mike Mearls and the gang would have some involvement here or help shape the D&D side of things. I am a supporter of this game, but am just hoping for a better story and character development.
I am even willing to donate the content. In the end I want the game to succeed and want to enjoy playing it.