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This is a problem because the game is supposed to be ballanced around the party having having from 6 to 8 encounters per day forcing players to manage their resources to stay effective during the adventuring day instead of buring all of their rechargeable powers (i.e. "going nova") even when faced with minor encounters and then resting.

Hold up. Where do you get this notion from? 6 to 8 encounters sounds way to much....

Nvm, found it. Page 84 of the DMG.

You know what the problem about holding onto that number of 6 to 8 encounters is though? It assumes that the encounters are medium to hard in their difficulty.

And let me just tell you this. Not a single encounter in this game currently falls into that category.at the levels that you approach them. Some of the gobbo fights could be hard if you approach them at lvl 4 but aside from that.... Hard to deadly is all we get. So the number of 6 to 8 is also not realistic

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