There is something I don't get.
BG was actually playable as a Turn-based game.
You just had to put th option "automatic pause each round" and... kind of a turn-based !

As a EA gamers I feel cheated. Not because I buy the game thinking "I want RTwP !!!" but because I buy the game thinking "Larian said it's gonna be BG3 in turn-base and if it's BG3, Im' cool with turn-based".
I played DoS 1 and 2, wasteland 2 and 3, Heroes of might and magic 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, fire emblem (3 or 4 of them), vikings expedition, final fantasy tactics, ETC ETC ETC.

So I played A LOT of turn-based games.
But when I played BG3 EA.... It didn't work. As Gaidax said, turn-base is cool but in BG3 there is this fights which are long, unchallenging, boring, fastidious... So hear me, Larian can keep his turn-based system as long as I can enjoy BG3 as I enjoy his predecessor : for his story and for his fights ! But keeping turn-base system just because "they say they would keep it" it's a mistake, intellectually, it's a big fail.

Here is how I see Larian (which I trusted once) for now :

" - hey guys. We are going to do BG3 ! And we are going to do it as a turn-base game because turn-based roxx !!! Ok ?
- So we totally forgot about the real time fights ?
- Dude ! Forget about real times. We love turn-based so it's gonna be turn-based !
- But will it be good ? We won't have a problem with the really large fights and the weak encounters ?
- Who cares ! We did turn-based games, so we'll do it again ! Because this is how we do things !
- Sure, but... are you not worried the fights against more than 10 ennemies takes years ? Or the fights again very weak ennemies becomes very boring ?
- Shut up Bobby ! It's gonna be turn-based ! And if you are dat worried, we'll never put more than 5 ennemies and that's all !
- But what if we really need to have more than 5 ennemies ?
- I don't care Bobby ! Gamers will have to wait !
- Are you sure all the gamers want to wait for some useless fights to end ?
- But the previous games...
- You're fired Bobby.
- ...meh. "