Role playing fixed roles (origin) is readng from a script not writing your own and was my biggest bugbare about divinity. I mean it's okay and Larian do it well but you are the avatar not the sidekick and being dragged down a linear path in an RPG is tedious. Even the choices are yes/no with dice rolls for fight/not are still either/or. I much prefer starting as a blacksmith or someone not "touched by divinity" to rule/destroy....bored now. These brain maggots are the same "god touched" McGuffin paradigm and has become derivative af.

Become powerful though discovery, adventure and hardwork not be given a no choice scenario. You must find a cure, no thanks I would much rather go to Baulders gate and join a guild. Oh wait the tadpoles are impossible to remove without another hamstrug task (EITHER above OR below) a druid somehow knows about and feels he must come long because by chance he needs to investigate an area that he theorises exists. Although these brain thingies are unheard of he absolutely knows for a fact those responsible are over there somewhere and he needs them to understand how to remove said McGuffin. No mate I just saved the grove from goblins and a bunch of other shit now there are extra strings attached? Nope, "looks like meat's back on the menu bois" CHOP!!

Lae'zel mentions she has faught lairs of beholders on the plane and gith warriors must bring the head of an illithid (she must hunt alone) to even be classed in the military caste. All this and you start as a new born baby. You kill a single beholder and you are level 6 from birth, same with illithids. Illithids are badarse CR 7-8 and beholders are absolutely crazy tough CR 13-14. A young red dragon what the gith dragon riders fly is CR-10. Killing one beholder is 11500xp. Bare in mind CR (challenge rating) is based off and entire group of adventurers.

You cannot give backstories like that and expect people to accept she has never left the barracks aka LV1. Master wizard with the ability to cast magic missiles and a few cantrips. 200 year old vampire noob. Blade of whatever (idk I hate this idiot) hero of his own imagination because he has never apparently left his moms basement. Cleric of Shar......and you, no backstory, no history and apparently just along for the ride. Why were you chosen to lead the group? No gith warrior is going to accept a lesser being as leader. Must make the current paradigm make sense at least a little.