The game does not have to be adjusted to the same number of fights as P&P. I would even say it shouldn't. In the game, you don't have DMs that can help your team adjust fights to their skill or luck. Combating AI is ruthless in this regard, and will incessantly punish the player for poor build or team composition.
The fights cannot be too easy, otherwise some players will get bored instantly or too difficult for the same reason.
How often you need to rest depends primarily on your build and party composition. Not every player will know (and shouldn't) how to optimally develop the character.
Most likely, he will also choose the companions he likes the most (some of them have really bad stats).
The player cannot get to the point where he cannot do anything.
Let's add the difficulty levels to that and we have a problem if we suddenly introduce a rest limit.
Most likely players will rest every 3-4 fights on normal level, on the highest difficulty level I suspect it will be 1-2.

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