You know I remember back in High School tag teaming Ninja Gaiden Black with my best friend, I did the bosses he did all the platform jumpy shit I was (and still am) terrible at. Loved it, it was a great week and a ton of fun. Then there was the original Dark Souls. I didn't realize I was supposed to run by that fat bastard boss in the tiny room filled with jars so I spent five hours getting the timing right to beat him down with a sword handle only to be rewarded with some jenky mallet I couldn't even wield. Hated it, loathed every moment but I was determined not to give up simply because it was difficult. I promptly quit as soon as I beat the encounter.

You never know where someone is going to get their greatest joy in a video game, or which game will be someone's introduction to the genre. I say let it ride, allow people to sleep as often as they like. The needs of those who can't get by without relying upon their spells I think outweigh the desires of those worrying about how someone else may be playing.

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