@robertthebard: I'm not saying the game needs to be more difficult. I'm saying I believe the current system makes rest spamming absolutely risk free and therefore (1) it weakens the game premise ("Yes we had Illithid tadpoles implanted into our brains and didn't know when we could be turned into horrible tentacled monsters. How much time did we spend exploring the ruins near Silvanus' Grove? Two weeks. It might seem like a long time but as my father used to say, when adevnturing you can never be too careful...") and (2) it makes ballancing certain classes really hard because if Larian keeps barbarians and paladins (just to name a couple) as they are they will simply be much better than fighters due to their internal mechanics. Also note that the solutions I suggested and those some other people put forward as well hardly amount at just making the game difficult for the shake of difficult. Those ideas are soft limits that can even be used to improve the gameplay experience.

@Topgoon: Really good idea about having a secret roll based on the party abilities before they can get to camp. Also yes, instant teleportation is another issue that needs to be looked into (although it helps avoiding some cumbersome unavoidable fights, like in Goblin Camp after you killed the 3 leaders). I also completely agree with the notion "random encounters" could be used to improve the gaming experience or even advancing gameplay.

@Demoulius: true, BG3 takes many liberties with monsters making them stronger than they would be in D&D and that's needed to an extent. I'm not saying you should never rest though I'm saying the game should implement soft counters for resting after every single encounter.

@Contra: that could work too but only if the game provides players with other stuff to do while they wait for the CD to expire.