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Is there some reason that you feel compelled to participate in this? I mean, if it's happening in your SP campaign, it's happening because you allow it to happen. I don't do this, I tend to rest when my session is over. I use food for healing after fights, and I try to not expend all my "Oh crap" spells, just in case something big comes up. What I find hard to believe is that someone in France doing this is going to somehow adversely affect someone in Canada. Especially if they're not in a MP session together. To me, this is akin to being upset that someone rolled up a female Drow wizard, when everyone knows that only male Woodelves can be wizards. In other words, this "issue" is really a non-issue, because if one is dead set against it, they are more than free to not do it. It's not like the game forces it on us, after all.

So no, I don't think that George resting after every encounter is a problem, if that's the only way George can play. George did, after all, spend his money on the game, the same as I did. I think it's a rather silly mechanic, and won't be using it, but I'm certainly not going to be prepping up the bonfires, and sharpening the pitchforks over it either.

With all due respect, if we have to think like this there is no reason to improve the game outside bugs and crashes.
Is there an unbalanced class? Don't use it.
Is there an unbalanced spell? Don't use it.
Is there an unbalanced mechanic? Don't use it.

Is this an unbalanced game? Don't play it.

Except that we do have a MP component? On the other hand, this isn't an MMO, and someone resting after an encounter has absolutely no effect on my gameplay. A bug with saves? Yep, needs to be fixed, as that will adversely affect my gameplay. A bug with how a spell is supposed to work, yep, needs to be fixed, it can adversely affect my gameplay. Saving during combat, or changing armor? Yeah, that's not supposed to be a thing, but since I won't do it, because I don't think it should be a thing doesn't mean it's going to break my gameplay when I don't. George resting after every encounter in a SP game? Who's George? But from where I'm sitting, this is more about that fictional George. After all, he might be able to beat the game doing that, and we can't have that, right?

The other side of this argument is that we don't have all the difficulties yet, and we don't know, for sure, how they're going to treat any of these things. Now, I'm all for removing all but the hardcore difficulty after release. I mean, I played all of the DA games on Nightmare right out of the gate, why should anyone else be able to have an easier time of it. /sarcasm, except the part where I played on Nightmare. There are things that need to be fixed. This is a thing that isn't broken. This is a thing that may well be part of this difficulty, but won't work in harder ones, which will be fine too. But right now, when the idea is to get a feel for how players are making it through the game, not so much. Because this kind of thing may well show that it needs to be adjusted for higher difficulties, or even this one on release, if there are lower difficulties. But expecting everyone to be hardcore is defeating the purpose of EA, because you can bet that there will be non hardcore players after release, and the game has to be balanced for them too.

I don't think that limiting resting is to ask all the player to be hardcore. It's to ask the game to be balanced, as the PnP version played by thousands of non-hardcore ordinary peoples.
If you (Larian) say this is a game based on D&D rules, you must be aware of the D&D balance. Saying "just don't rest so often" is a weak argument because you are not resolving the game flaw, you are just ignoring it. Besides, as I said, you can apply this reasoning to every non-bug-related aspect of the game.
I don't want to speak for you, but I think no-one is willing to pay 60€ for a flawed game and playing it pretending said flaws aren't there.

The problem with D&D balance is that the game doesn't have DM.