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Maybe it is, when someone mentioned the time limit in pathfinder I took a look at the forums and it wasn't the most-liked feature and this is still quite a niche game.
I can only imagine what would happen on the bg3 forums.

The real problem with Pathfinder is that it mixed rather forgiving and brilliant implementations of this feature with some unfair ones.

As an example of the former, your first major goal in the game is to kill/dethrone a robber baron and take control of a region. If you accomplish it under a month (which is vaguely challenging but still enough to explore everything in that area) you'll get a luxurious extra reward (the first +2 sword in the game).
The hard limit to reach the same goal before a straight game over, instead, it's three months. And you'd have to go REEEAAAALLY out of your way to waste that much time.

As an example of the latter, on the other hand, later in game there are occasional HIDDEN doomclocks that can lead to a game over if ignored and the player is not even fully aware of their existence.
THESE are the ones people got angry about.

On top of that, once you become Baron of the first region, you'll start a side minigame of "Kingdom management" and that could lead to unexpected game overs as well if you make poor decisions. Needless to say, people were super-pissed about that too (but they made it easier since the original launch).

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