Illusion magic can make you....... or anyone else, look like anyone. You can make a 400lb battle scarred 8 foot half-ork barbarian female look like a half elf wearing two sickers and a thong. If fact that would be hilarious, just wait till we get to the bedroom sweety.

Unsuspecting perv - "Arrrrr wtf is that"
Orkzilla - "Too late late now stumpy I got you for dippin..."
Unsuspecting perv - "Put me down......Arrrrr the go.....squelch.
Roll 20 to escape - rolls 4
Unsuspecting perv - "damn you D20....squelch".

Narrator - Man leaves the bedroom dipping with goop and the curse of PTSD briefly turning to see his lover eating a cow leg and smoking a pipe.

But seriously sexy armor is a modder thing it doesn't make much sense outside of sorcs, monks and mages. Clothes maybe.