The similarities between DOS2 and BG3 story start are reminiscent of each other, but not the way you described.

Held prisoner
Controlling device placed on the playable characters
First objective is to remove the controlling devices
Discover that you have powers or connection to gods or some sort of greater good
Bigger story arch begins

Beyond that, it seems like elements of the old BG games will help drive the story as far as old gods or cults still around trying to complete what they failed to do, but that is all theory talk on the forums so far.
While I did notice those similarities, I was able to look past them and continue playing. The rest of the game felt less like DOS2 as I continued, but that comes down to opinion at that rate. The start for sure is inspired/imitates the driving force to motivate your characters with a sense of urgency and maybe could have been better adapted to not feel so similar? Or maybe it is fine. Like it was said above, that could be the calling card like Elder Scrolls prisoner starts, or the classic D&D "you meet in a pub" adventure beginnings. Those are all fairly trite, so pick your poison.

As far as the companion characters being more interesting than you. It seems to be the case that you can pick from the pre-generated characters and then continue the story, or create a custom character.

In the event you pick a pre-generated character, they fleshed out an elaborate story so that if you play them, you have a driving force and motive to RP behind them. Additionally, if you are not playing any of those characters, now they have a compelling side quest to accomplish and a history/persona that you can decide who you want to RP with and invite to your group (or just pick based on group/class requirements).

The case with the custom character being bland. Larian did not write a compelling side quest narrative for the character "you" create. They could have put together a generic "you are a famous soldier traveling the lands when you were abducted by the mind flayers" or "you just escaped jail for stealing money from the local lord and you are on the run and then abducted" or any sort of generic line, after that the quest/story becomes about the fact that you are destined for greatness with these tadpole worms.

Instead Larian decided, that people who make custom characters often create RP backstories on their own and left it to you. They could have created a generic backstory based on the character creator choices and if you choose acolyte or urchin or guild artisan, but those would all be throw away stories and still less unique than any of the pre-generated characters.

All of these design choices make total sense and help provide choice to the player. Yet we as players seem to not like the choices and we want to be told how special we are and specific ways.....

You are more than welcome to play as your own or as a pre-generated character. The pre-generated will be better as you can pick the stats, the custom ones you have to deal with what is hard-programed in. Unless they allow for a re-spec after the first act, like in DOS2. I have a feeling people will freak out if they do that and cite more reasons this is DOS3 and not adhering to 5e and what not.

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