You don't get why ?
Because this game didn't hold his promises.

When I heard Sven said "it's gonna be TB cause it's more strategic" I thought "Its pretentious but I don't care as long as I get BG3" and by BG3 I mean BG3, a successor for BG1, 2 and ToB. Not a copy/past, not the exactly same game, but the same feeling.

So I thought "It's Larian, they did a good game "DoS", it looks like they are passionate, looks like they really want to do this game and looks like they are trustworthy."

And, this game isn't BG3 and I know, people will came and say "it's a feeling, it's your problem" but I strongly disagree.

The feeling to play BG is not "my problem", it's the Larian's problem. It's their job and even more, their promise.

Why it doesn't feel like BG... There is a lot of thread which explain it really clearly.

The sadiest thing here is that there are people who defend the game saying "the game is good ! who cares if it's not BG3 !"
Well, we should all care. Because if we don't care that BG3 feels like BG3 it means we don't care about honesty and trust? It means we don't care about lies and breach of trust, worse it means we support them.

I never asked Larian to do BG3, I never asked them to promess me to do it.
They did it all on their own.
And I trust them.
This is why I feel cheated.

When I look at BG3, I just see DOS. The TB fights (which are different here and so work not as good as in DOS), the humor (this goblins saying "come on chickychicken" feels so much like DOS humor and so far from the warcry from BG), the companions who have all an amazing background and are all so important when I feel so common (where is the childhood friend, warrior in learning process, crazy halfling and fugitive drow. And why I'm no more the main character), the all-talkative crap (goblins talks, mushrooms talks, everybody talk and I can side with everybody), the weak dialogues writting (sry but sometimes it's just too narrow or too absurd...), the fights too often long and long and so long for no reason (I enjoyed long fights, cf fire emblem)
There are just few things coming to my mind at the moment...

As I said, some people resume far better than me the differences who makes that BG3 is missing his point.

I hope that you know get why I feel cheated and why Larian just is passing in my mind to the "trustworthy Devs" to the "get the cash Devs".
And I'm not saying it happily but it's their own fault.

I was sad before BG3 thinking it will never exist. I am doubly sad now, knowing BG3 will never exist in another form than a name on another game to get easy cash.

But maybe I'm wrong, maybe in one month or I don't know when, Larian will make an update and said they failed at some points and do the necessary adjusments.

For now, I quit the enjoyment of the game and I would like people to understand why and share my indignation in front of this actual failed promise.