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Illusion magic can make you....... or anyone else, look like anyone. You can make a 400lb battle scarred 8 foot half-ork barbarian female look like a half elf wearing two sickers and a thong. If fact that would be hilarious, just wait till we get to the bedroom sweety.

Unsuspecting perv - "Arrrrr wtf is that"
Orkzilla - "Too late late now stumpy I got you for dippin..."
Unsuspecting perv - "Put me down......Arrrrr squelch.......by the go.....squelch.
Roll 20 to escape - rolls 4
Unsuspecting perv - "damn you D20....squelch".

Narrator - Man leaves the bedroom dipping with goop and the curse of PTSD briefly turning to see his lover eating a cow leg and smoking a pipe.

But seriously sexy armor is a modder thing it doesn't make much sense outside of sorcs, monks and mages. Clothes maybe.

Yes, it suits sorceresses as there is a logical explanation. Everyone loved Morrigan's clothing design and no one criticized. If it's just clothes, that's fine too. But if you are a warrior, then you need such elegant solutions for armor as Shadow Heart (in art) and Minthara. Gityanka's female armor also looks pretty good.

Minthara is the best character and she NEEDS to be recruitable if you side with the grove!