Im honestly more worried that if the story carried next to no weight similar to DOS2, DOS2 act 4 was pretty bad - one decision for all endings, doesnt matter your previous choices other than the companion one. None of the ending variation end up mattering except the clearly evil one, which you can choose immediately before the ending screen. I honestly didn't care for the God king, Fane made a much better antagonist and his motive were much clearer than mustache twirling God king too. I don't understand why God King is clearly crazy and acts sadistic yet have full support of his equally crazy people, i dont know his backstory nor how he became who he is, just that he is an evil blob that will enslave everyone for reasons. There was so little interaction between me and the main villain i simply wanted to move on. I also didn't get why that crazy lady suddently want to be saved from her deal with the God king and why should i care, when shes been crazy and tried to kill me the entire game.

Lohse's story with the demonic doctor was much better - it carried emotional weight, you face the demon multiple times and he ties into the main plot, you needed a major sacrifice to finally defeat him (or you could choose otherwise), and then we celebrated with a beautiful "epilogue" and character development, which she recovers her voice. But the main story feel like inconsequential regardless of what i chose. If a character died there was no impact - you simply dont see their slides. My origin character play through didn't matter because "ONLY YOU KNOW THE STORY!" slide and followed up with again inconsequential 3 line description about our companion. Some of the subplot doesnt matter what the hell you chose the ending slide is a minor difference - you don't even see their impact.

I really hope it wont happen here.

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