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I remember there was this quest in BG2 with the circle of druids. Same shit, druids going crazy killing everyone around them. Not sure why they were doing it but if i forgot why it must have been something among the lines of ' we are baaaad". The only difference being kagha doesn't kill innocent people. She needs someone else to do it for her. And tbh no one knows if they are innocent.

There is evidence in Khaga’s chest that she is a disciple of the same circle of shadow druids.

Actually no. There's just evidence Kagha had been contacted by Shadow Druids from Cloakwood suggesting she could change her alliance to their circle and was almost ready to give in (she can actually do so if you fail to convince her it's a mistake). The person mentioned in the note, Faldorn, was a playable NPC in BG1 (an evil Shadow Druid from the Cloakwood) and an antagonist in BG2. Note that the shadow druids are actually present near Kagha the whole time as they are shapeshifted as 3 mices and only reveal themselves when you present Kagha with evidence of her dealings with them.

About Shadow Druids: they are evil druids that think the only way to preserve the natural order is getting rid of civilization altogether killing people and taking away the means sentient races use to impose their will on the world. They are basically violent ecoterrorists.