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Do we really need another topic about the same?

My thoughts exactly, same posters opening same shitty topics every day.

Will they give it a rest already? This has to be consolidated into some megathreads and let them duke it out there, instead of them opening bloody same topic every day with a different toppings and side dishes.

Simple tip. See a topic about something that you want to hear, don’t open it.
Nice arguments by the way. Bye smile

OR... you can just post in that one same thread that serves absolutely same purpose and not spam forums with this obsessive garbage rebuilding castles out of sand every other day.

It's really irksome at some point and as you can see, I'm not the only one thinking this way.

Yes we know the elevation advantage is the devil and Larian using optional rule from page 252 of the book about positional advantage is the destroyer of vaunted 5e balance. And clearly goblins with more HP and less AC is the sacrilege against the holy scripture that is Monster Manual. We got it already. We don't need 500th thread for this.


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