The reasons you are not addressing all the items in this thread are the reasons you cannot see the problem.

I brought 3 mechanics and how they intertwine into a new metagame. Addressing solely one wouldn’t make it, although the bloat itself is bad enough. The only way to increase damage output of that spells is to upcast it and that’s why the effectiveness of the spells decreased comparing to dnd5e.

I advice to read the whole thread before spotting the word “blot” and start to rage against it.

The whole thread was all about spell value & effectiveness and you’ve failed to point why they’re still effective compared to dnd5e.

If you can point that and if they’re still reasonable other than just distilling rage, I’d might review my thoughts about it.

There’s plenty of spells mentioned through the post, so get one of them and tell me how the game highlight their potential.