Employees - writers and developers, owners, investors Larian Studio of course read this forum in their free time. They are all people too, just like us, it would be very strange if they did not watch the forum discussing their work.

Technical problems and bugs go to the developers and they are solved very quickly.
I am 100% sure that writers who write specific characters monitor ALL topics and feedback about these characters and take notes.
Writers who write quests monitor all discussions of their quests.

Another question is that they have no right to answer so as not to draw attention to something, or not to give spoilers. (NDA)
Plus an important point - how they discuss it within the team, who makes decisions (complicated bureaucracy), what feedback is accepted and what is not, and so on. It takes much less time to collect statistics or fix minor bugs than if you need to change something in gameplay or quests.

If the next community update is devoted to the problems of "Evil Root", it means that we are doing everything right and our feedback is important to them.
If not, this can only be explained by bureaucracy and corporate culture.

Minthara is the best character and she NEEDS to be recruitable if you side with the grove!