Just adding a little feedback from someone who has never played d&d tabletop
Firstly this is the first post that actually made me understand why some people are complaining about HP bloat and AC changes so thumb's up to OP

But as someone who loves the forgotten realms and has read 200ish novels, and played every d&d game ever i really do care about the world and that the game is fun

recently i played solasta which is supposed to have implemented the rules perfectly and i must say that at times combat in the game was frustratingly slow and annoying, one fight near the end of EA all 4 of my companions missed all attacks
5 turns in a row, that's 20 misses in a row - i must say for the average player this is not fun and if Larians homebrew rules fix this and it makes for a better video game they should keep the changes

I do hope they have difficulty levels and one of them is CORE that mimics 5E faithfully and a normal mode(what they have now) for players like me

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