The fact that this game feels more like DOS than BG isn't even a matter of opinion, it's a fact, so there is no point even trying to argue that.

Capturing the aesthetic and essence of BG I and II was the main thing Larian had to do to make it a "BG Game", and they did not do that. Is it a worse game for it? No, it is still a great game, it just doesn't feel like Baldurs Gate. I wish people would stop trying to defend this fact, there is no good that can come from defending the un-defendable. Unfortunately the only way to get a better product from any company on this planet, is to complain and give feedback. If all you do is give credit to the company, you get what they give you without further ado. Larian is making this game to make money, not because they are your friends or because they are super cool. Treat a company like a company.

Now, I hope all you guys complaining that this is not a BG game realise that the story, soundtrack, aesthetic etc are not going to change at this point, EA or not. It's already too late to change most of what is in the game.

What we can push for is mostly QOL improvements, like character pathing, UI, bartering, barelmancy, 20+hp Goblins, npc's packed with scrolls and special arrows, etc.

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