Their hips are ridiculously narrow too lol.
I suppose that maybe it's just a thing with Male Githyankis but damn.

Something else that bothers me in regards to their armor is the ugly white baggy pants in their cultural armor.
I looked up the concept art for it and they don't wear pants in the concept art, the female version is a lot more accurate to the concept art.
The white baggy pants really looks out of place and compromises the design imo.

[Linked Image]

I dunno why they did this, do they think that people are scared of male legs lol?
It's a tiny bit amusing I guess because normally it's female characters getting covered up even for just minor skin exposure, but this is a reverse example and I don't like it either.
It just looks worse imo.

Edit: Btw, Vometia clarified this.

'' Going by the texture names, they may be different sets of armour: the female version is "Githyanki Halfplate" and the male version is "Githyanki Astral Plane". I'm not sure if that's just the way it is (both models have the same name) or whether we can expect to see male & female versions of both. There are some indications that the armour is still unfinished. ''

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