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You are honestly arguing that BG3 makes casters less powerful than martials? You do realize the power of casters increases exponentially at every level while martials do so in a linear way, right? You also know spellcasters derive a lot of utility from their spells while martials can only hit things, I suppose?

Did you actually read my thread? I guess not because my whole point was to dive deep into utility spells and how the game mechanics as is don’t favor them at all in the long run.

I did read your post and I disagree with your conclusions that the "homebrewed" rules introduced by Larian upset game ballance making martials better than casters. Sure Astarion backstabbing is powerful but so is using command or hex on an opponent (btw I completely shut down auntie Ethel with this combo, while magic missiles helped me deal with her clones, as a fact, dealing with her with 4 martials would have been a lot more difficult) and this on top of the current system allowing you to "recharge" after every encounter by taking a long rest which makes your caster going nova much easier than it should be. Let me add I think Larian should not allow wizards to be able to cast cleric spells (I tenbd to think it's a bug more than a choice on their part though).

Well, I welcome any kind of positioning regarding this topic. If you read the thread, I do say in the first lines that I’m not trying to convince anyone. Yet, even though you disagree with my view of the impacts generated by those rules you failed to give me a solid argument. I didn’t mention casters as obsolete. I’ve done a pure analysis based in facts and numbers to prove the casters lost their spells slots values. Nevertheless, thank you for disagreeing with respect. smile

Disagreement is fine of course. I just feel your analysis does not take all changes/factors in account.

1.Most spells are not just raw damage. Stuff like command can actually shut down extremely powerful opponents (I mentioned how I used it to make the auntie Ethel encounter trivial and she can be a nightmare if you try to face her without spells). This will obviously become more and more relevant as long as levels keep increasing.

2. The current amount of damage spells can do is still superior to what most martial characters can do with a single attack with spells like Magic Missile automatically hitting target and causing force damage (which means no resistance in 99% of situations). If you don't believe me search the topic on YouTube. You'll find people rolling wizards that deal 40+ damage per round, something a martial is currently hard pressed to do unless we are talking about a rogue sneak attacking with good weapons and venom (which means investing consumable resources).

3. Even this early in the game some spells have the potential to hit multiple opponnets on a consistent basis increasing the total amount of damage accordingly. Martials cannot do this unless in very specific circumstances (basically a once per short rest power that triggers if you are using the correct weapon type).

4. Spells drammatically increase in power when you unlock new spell slots, attacks do not (unless you are a paladin and use divine smite, obviously, but then you are actually using spell slots).

5. You ignore the fact that under the current system you can recharge your spells after each encounter by taking a long rest whenever you want. That's actually a huge bonus for casters who can always go nova because of this instead of having to manage their resources. This fact alone makes casters way more powerful than they would be in a normal D&D campaign.

Bottom line: you seem upset that Larian introduced some rules that benefit everyone (casters included when you occasionally need to attack with weapons instead of using spells) as long as you know how to position yourself, exploit high ground, attack from the shadows and so on and that they tweaked monsters hps so they don't die after one spell hit (not all of them btw, you can easily get rid of 12hp goblins with single target spells). You seem to feel like making martials an edge when fighting makes casters less viable and I think that's simply not the case at all.