Hi Tulkash,

I wonder if my language problems turned your life harder while diving deep into this text. Because by reading your comments seems that you couldn’t understand the analysis I’ve done.

1. Yes. I know. Half of this thread is about utility spells and how they lost value compared to dnd5e.

2. Yes, that’s why they are limited by spell slots? Damage dealers are fighters/Barbarians/Paladins. Of course all classes can deal damage but the martialists are superior because of the reliability

3. ?????????

4: do you actually have played DnD? No upcast can be compared to fighters multiple attacks per turn. Again, their “thing” is consistency and reliability.

5: now you are using a broken system to justify another. Resting system sucks in BG3. And that’s my main “that’s why people cant see how Casters sucks compared to dnd5e”

Reviewing your bottom line:

No. Actually I do feel boredom. Combat feels cheap because again, it’s unbalanced. Try to read this post again because so far you couldn’t capture the essence of it.