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I think there are three factions:
- Those who actually hoped BG3 would be a DOS3.
- Those who hope it would not be DOS3, for all the things they didn't like in DOS.
- Those you don't care much.

I am part of the second group, as for me combat in DOS was always some sort of ironic running gag with all its ridiculous ground effects dependency, barrelmancy and the fact that if would would attack a simple shepherd you would find out, he has double your hp, attack with a poison throwing staff, set the whole group on fire in one turn and has like 20 combat skills.
And there is way to much of this in BG3.
But anyway I can only complain to myself for thinking Larian would or could create a game where combat is not an intended huge joke.
I can live with a not so good combat system however, if the storytelling is good enough.
Unfortunately it isn't, as especially the companions over-act, react to things strangely or in wrong order, whatever, that's already discussed elsewhere. Also here, typical Larian disability to provide real good stories, aside of snappy npcs.

Well most of the people here agree BG3 == good game BUT it lacks something. In the end what you listed here ( combat, characters having strange reactions sometimes, barrelmancy.

And In my post below I'm trying to pin point it.

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.