I thinks so yeah, thx you even if english isn't my native langage.
As I said, I feel cheated concerning TB considering it fails to provide a good feeling in BG3.
I didn't say I feel cheated because they choose TB and I knew they announced it.
I said I feel cheated because using TB fails to provide a BG3 feelings which was their MAIN promise.

I see no problem here. You can think I'm wrong about TB not feeling like BG but no need to ask me about my knowledge of the definition of cheated.

I still take a look at the english definition since you seems to question my knowledge.
Heer is what I found "1.act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage."
WellI found it "dishonest" to promise a BG-game "in order to take advantage" of my love for this serie and at the same time implementing a TB which greatly participate to make this game NOT feeling like BG"
So yep, TB as it is now makes me feel cheated, definitely and again not because it's turned base but because it failed the promise of a BG-game feeling.

But maybe I'm completely wrong since english isn't my native langage.
If that's the case your way of dealing with it is awfull.
If you didn't understand me (what I doubt), ask me te rephrase or ask me what I mean exactly.
If you understand me despite of mistakes, correct me in a nice way.
But if the only thing you are able to do is question my knowledge of the word.... it's just a mean and a bit pretentious way to have a debate which show you are not really open to my arguments but more focus on winning a point.
It's a bad habit, pretty common sadly.

I will try to rephrase anyway.

Larian PROMISE me BG3
Larian choose arbitrarily TB saying it would be great.
TB doesn't feel like BG (and isn't even dat great here)
So I feel like they take advantage of my love for the serie to get my money (and even more, to promote TB ("youhou look at all this people buying BG3EA" is a typical argument in the forum...) despite of BG).

Call it as you want, cheated, betrayed, fucked, I don't really care. I am pretty sure you get it but you just prefer question my english proficiency than accept my words. It's childish and not constructive.

Sinon je te propose de continuer en français. Si ça ne te va pas, ce serait sympa de ta part de faire un effort pour me comprendre plutôt que de t'amuser à pinailler sur le sens exact de tel ou tel mot que j'aurais mal utilisé. Ce genre de commentaire sont assez peu constructifs au bout d'un moment (notamment lorsque l'on a compris ce que l'autre veut dire). Ils sont constructifs si tu corriges gentiment ton interlocuteur ou si tu l'interroges sur le sens exact de ce qu'il voulait dire, pas si tu te contentes de remettre en questions ses capacités à communiquer dans le seul but de décrédibiliser son propos.