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[quote=Callimachus]I still can't get over him slaughtering the goblin children. That is not the action of a good or even neutral person.

He's a Druid. Circle of life.

Personally I see no issue with Halsin reacting the way he does as the little sadists express delight at the suffering of other living beings.

It's not so simple. I talked with the goblin whelps and as annoying, to me and thus my character, as they actions were, they have reasons. The ones in the outside replied to my toon objections highlighting how the dead adventurer had killed their parents and rightfully ask if they parents deserved to be killed (and it's a vicious cicle: the goblins raid, the other species kill them, the goblin feel even more justified to raid and so on), the kids stoning Haslins's bear form had a similar background.

Larian simply stated that the kids behaviour was the result of the environment they grew up, that in itself was a result of the global environment.

As far as I get until the arrive of the Absolute no race, bugbear, drows, and other ones, did even thought of start a conversation with the goblins to find a way to resolve the conflict, that is in line and coherent with the low middleage set (those were times were prejudices were more deep rooted and influencial than they are in our times).

About the cicle of life, it can not be translated as it is from the animal kingdom (made of beings that don't have the complexity of thoughts, emotions, logic and so on that characterizes humans) to the sentient species of Fareun.

Maybe it could be applied to trolls, giants, gnolls and some of the more feral monster races.

Furthermore in nature there are a lot of behaviours that to our eyes are not ethic or moral (for example the acclaimed bonobo apes indeed use sex as form of comunication but they do it without any regard of age, dolphins isolate and force females to mate, male lions kill the pups to make the females enter heat, a female cat in heat does not choose the male to mate with, some species of ants raid another species kidnap the larvae and eggs to make them slaves, etc etc.. ...).

Haslin indeed killed the goblin kids but when you talk with him he doesn't suggest a massacre of the enclave, he instead is in favor of Wyll's plan of make the goblins disperse by killing their leaders.

[This post highlight one of the problems that can arise with a middleage, but it goes the same for any setting that is not modern days based, set: the moral values of those times were quite different than ours, there were no ideas like human rights, war regulations and so on, european history is full of massacres, without care for the children and so on.]

You raise some good points but let me remind you that when you talk with the goblin kids who are kicking the dead aventurer who killed their parents and you suggest that perhaps their parents deserved to be killed those same goblin kids agree with you and say they deserved to be killed because they were weak and therefore unworthy of life... hardly an endearing justification I'd say. Also the goblin kids throwing rocks at Halsin in bear for express delight when he flinches because he's been hit by a rock, akin to children who torture insects or little animals for fun.

D&D is changing and the developers are removing mandatory allignment for races yet as it is now some races are overwhelmingly evil. Goblins, Orcs, Drows and the like can be good on an individual basis but usually are not. The goblins presented in BG3 thus far are all evil if petty in their deeds. Doesn't mean they need to be killed on sight by good characters... but being evil those same goblins will probably try to kill you on sight which will give your characters justification to defend themselves.