Dear Tulkash,

Yeah, I guess you couldn’t capture the essence of the text at all,

Let me summarize: I’m comparing DnD5e vs BG3 spell effectiveness. That’s all. I’m not saying that spells don’t work. I’m not saying that they aren’t good.
I’m not saying that we should one shot foes. I’m also not saying that spells don’t do damage.

I’m a lore bard player. I play it 80% of the time. I hate blaster spells and love control spells. I feel tactical by manipulating the odds of the battle by using spells. And personally I foresee that those homebrews aren’t contributing to that kind of play style. That’s my personal feelings related to how this new meta will undermine some classes.

Vicious mockery will be less effective
Bardic inspiration will be less effective
Buffs and debuffs will be less effective

That’s it smile

That’s an analysis. Not my opinion.
My opinion is: this meta sucks.

The more advantage is on the board, the less buffs worth.

I’m very happy that you and some other folks are happy with the mechanics.
I can understand that and if the game follow that path till the very end I’m not going to drop it because it doesn’t fit to my play style. I have already the perfect metagame to destroy battles with the game AS IS

I expected to see people that don’t have the same opinion sharing actual numbers to show me that I’m wrong. I hope I am. So far? Not convinced