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Why others want to get immersed in the world, taking it slowly.

This may be the objectively wrong way to play depending on how immersed and slow you take it.

For me the first playthrough was avoid long rests, be super cautious, dont want long rests... I got a tadpole... time is ticking... Got to underdark before I saw the raphael cutscene.

My 2nd playthrough was me just deciding to spam long rests to see what happens. The answer being I got a ton more content since apparently most story stuff is tied to long resting. Even tadpole use is tied to longrests? Didn't know that since I didnt use it in the first playthrough. So the game actively encourages you mechanically and story wise to do long rests. It's all a bit weird considering the whole premise.

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Well, I've seen people here BRAGGING about their habit to rest after each single minor fight.

With my experience in the 2nd "spam longrest" playthrough I can say 2 things.
It's not tedious at all even with my incredibly awful slow hard drive. Loading back and forth takes little to no time. Personally I found inventory, hotbar and party management a ton more tedious and infuriating if that matters.
It's the best way to heal. You get health back, don't use any resources to do so, get companion cutscenes thus more content and fill spellslots for mages. In essence being at max readiness always.

I'm not sure if people are bragging so much as pointing out how overpowered and unbalanced it is. It can be seen as suboptimal play if you don't use longrests a lot. But that doesn't make sense with the story premise. Yet the story relies on you long resting a lot to see all the cutscenes and get all the camp events.

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